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THV-1300 PE protective film coating machine

1. use of this equipment to introduce foreign advanced coating machine technology combined with their own years of experience in the production of coating machine, widely used in the production of PE protective film and other 2. main technical parameters model THV-1300 coating method reticulated coating coating width 1200mm winding and unwinding form single station winding diameter Ф 800mm winding diameter Ф 600mm oven length 24 meters heating method electric heating oven temperature normal temperature -120 ℃ working speed 10-60 m/min mechanical speed 100 m/min overall dimensions 24000 × 3000 × 3700mm machine weight about 17000kg 3. performance and characteristics 1. the whole machine adopts 3 frequency conversion motor control, the tension of the whole machine (coating, oven, traction) is controlled by floating swing arm to improve the reliability of the tension of the whole machine. 2. The feeding rack is independent and adopts automatic tension control of magnetic powder. 3. The anilox coating method, the coating blade shaft adopts heavy-duty single-axis mechanical independent swimming, the blade adjustment method is manual belt pneumatic type, and the angle is arbitrarily adjusted. The coating amount depends on the anilox roll mesh, and the anilox roll with different mesh can be changed for different coating amounts. 4. The oven is 24 meters divided into 8 sections with independent temperature control. The heating adopts electric heating circulation heating, hot air inlet drying system and adjustable internal circulation suction and exhaust device. The inlet and exhaust wind is strong and the drying is thorough. 5. The guide wheel in the oven adopts active synchronization with the main machine, and the transmission adopts chain transmission type, which reduces the stretching and deformation of materials. The oven and the film wearing operation platform are manually opened and closed, so that the operators are convenient to work. 6. The intermediate tension of the coating roller --- traction steel roller is synchronized with floating swing arm type. 7. Automatic meter speed control device. 8. LPC photoelectric edge-to-edge machine is adopted for correction, so as to make the material winding more tidy. 9. The key type inflatable shaft is used for rewinding and releasing, which is convenient and fast for loading and unloading materials. 10. High precision upper pressure type traction device, steel roller cooling adopts water circulation type, through the cooling roller to make the film more smooth, more can achieve the cooling effect. 4. Process Substrate unwinding-coating unit-drying unit-traction unit-winding unit